Asre Ertebatat Mobin Company is a knowledge-based company and composed of specialized and sub-specialized groups to create new energy and enjoys high industrial and home efficiency in the area of energy and building.

This company has been established with a desire to establish a land paradise, use clean and renewable energies for the purpose of proper application of prevailing energies and make new technologies economic and profitable for the consumers.

The purpose of this company is to create suitable bed grounds to use the clean and renewable energies and do high researches on energy and building for the efficiency, reduction of the counter-environmental effects, recycle, produce and manage the energy in industries and the construction of regular and high rise zero energy buildings.

Ersar Asre Ertebatat Mobin is a knowledge-based company composed of specialized and specialized specialist groups that creates new, high-performance industrial and home-based platforms for communication and optimization of consumption in fossil fuels as well as clean energy recovery and production.

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. Asre Ertebatat Mobi, in the field of communication and optimization of energy consumption, recycling and production of clean energy services such as consulting design and procurement of small scale power plants with the upgrading of these power plants from 30% to 60% by installing new and exclusive systems.