Saving and producing energy in various forms including:


It is a method based on saving potential energy in a circular wheel with weight in moving to stabilize the parameters of electricity such as voltage, frequency, current, power, etc. which is manufactured and presented under the commercial name: U. G. S. or (Dynamic UPS) by this company which has frequent applications in airport industries and large trade towers and hospitals. It can be ordered from the powers of 100 kilowatts to many megawatts.


This method of energy saving includes methods to save electricity from many kilowatts hours to many hundred megawatt hours of electrical energy in five options:

  1. The least physical volume,
  2. Greatest support time,
  3. Fastest time of discharge,
  4. Fastest time of charge,
  5. Highest productivity coefficient.

In regular, we may refer to various types of regular and special batteries or various types of high capacity capacitors and other systems such as S.M.E.S system and fuel cells and supplementary innovations of this company.

This company in specialized form and with a long history has new technologies and methods in saving electrical energy for the long terms in many hundred megawatts powers with the least environmental pollutions

 hydro electric & wind & solar

The expertise of this company is to give consultation, installation, environmental calculation, and economic estimation of projects for the absorption of water energy and selection of the best possible way for consumers.

Energy recycle

This company has the ability of energy recycle from the following cases with exclusive methods:

  • Sewage
  • Pressure convert
  • exhaust heat
  • exhaust discharge
  • High rise building
  • Reduction of energy consumption for the producers of fresh water & building
  • We enjoy ability in reducing energy consumption from 20% to 60% in the desalination units
  • We can transfer the knowledge of the best methods for producing fresh water with clean energies without any need to fossil fuels in high volume to you.
  • We can transfer the knowledge of the best new methods in reducing water consumption in agriculture to you
  • We can transfer the knowledge of the best methods of water recycle from the sewage for home and industrial consumption to you
  • Construction of zero energy buildings (zero energy)

Using the experiences and knowledge of its experts, this company is the builder of zero energy constructions at two levels of villas and tall buildings.

This company has its specific and exclusive technology namely

free power is in 5 section solar, wind, heat, hydro and recycle.

Sample of projects already performed:

The sample photos of the projects already performed by this Company